October 2022

August 2022

Managing Menopause in the Workplace through the Summer

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Managing menopause in the workplace can be tricky at the best of times – due to the symptoms themselves and compounded by lack of support and understanding from managers. Those menopause challenges can be heightened [...]

July 2022

Menopause Training for HR Professionals

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As menopause training and support in the workplace becomes an increasingly hot topic, very often it’s HR professionals who are asked to lead the initiative internally. HR and People teams are expected to produce menopause [...]

June 2022

Three ways your company can deliver more inclusive menopause training

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Let me talk to you about inclusive menopause training – why it’s important and three ways you can make sure your training reflects the experiences of all your employees. Menopause is a unique experience that [...]

April 2022

How to write a menopause policy

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With employment tribunals relating to menopause on the rise and legislative changes on the horizon we’re seeing an increasing pressure on organisations to establish a menopause policy to demonstrate their commitment to support people working [...]

March 2022

Menopause champions in the workplace – what you need to know

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Menopause champions have a valuable role to play in the workplace and can help ensure your menopause training and awareness programme remains lively, relevant and front of mind for all employees. If you’re creating a [...]