Success Stories

I have been suffering with menopausal symptoms for the past 8 years. Most of the symptoms were related to tiredness, despite sleeping well most nights.

Then I met Julie. I signed up to the Cortisol challenge and then joined Julie’s VIP programme which has literally changed my life.

She has worked on things with me that I needed to change, improve and keep consistent. The weekly phone calls were a life-saver, particularly at the beginning where I was suffering from brain fog and stress. Julie talked me through the best ways to help improve this.

I’m finally able to wake up in the morning and feel alive and as though I have actually had a good sleep. My life is slowly getting back to normal and I don’t feel as though everything is too much any more.

If anyone is going through the menopause and wants to manage it, without resorting tablets then Julie can help.

Thank you Julie, I owe you.

Karen Jones, Project Manager

I have been suffering with my menopausal symptoms since 2010 and I had no one to turn to, it had taken over my life and was getting worse as time went on. I was really at the end of my tether, I was not sleeping, my brain fog was terrible and my anxiety unbearable.

Then I came across Julie and her Menopause Chat Room on Facebook. I signed up to the Shake the Sugar challenge followed by a MOT and a months one to one coaching and it has literally changed my life.

She has worked with me on what I needed to change, our weekly phone calls helped me to focus and make the changes I needed to make and always knowing that she was there was so reassuring, the results have been instant for me.

I cannot believe the changes it has made to my life, I feel so much better it is AMAZING!

Julie thank you so much

Kim Williams, PA

I’d been aware of Julie’s work for a while as I’d heard lots of good things about her from a friend and others in my network. However, it was only after going through a particularly bad time (and feeling at an all time low) that I decided to take the plunge and contact her.

I immediately felt in safe hands, she totally got where I was coming from and was empathetic, kind and reassuring. I signed up for her 90 Day Programme and it has certainly proved to be money well spent.

Within days of taking the supplements that she recommended I felt better and more like myself again. I had much more energy, reduced anxiety and the fuzzy head syndrome vanished completely.

I have always eaten pretty healthily but Julie advised a few small tweaks to my diet that will ensure I’m in a better position to manage any further symptoms.

I found the weekly calls really useful– and enjoyable — they kept me on the right track and gave me an opportunity to talk about my progress and anything else that was worrying me or on my mind.

Julie is very easy to talk to, very calm, warm and understanding and she always provides good advice and perspective. If you are thinking of working with Julie, I’d highly recommmend that you just do it!

Sarah, Company Director
I approached Julie because I had tried many ways to reduce my menopause symptoms unsuccessfully and she was recommended by a friend.

Julie helped me to realise how I could get control of the way my body was reacting to certain food and drinks and by introducing new approaches to me.

The result was I feel energised, healthier, sleep better, less mood swings and am on-track with a new fitness regime. I am now able to run after a break of two years due to muscle and joint pain.

I liked the way she was clear and precise and always honest about how only I could make the difference although she was there to support me through. I found the experience hard but so rewarding.

I would recommend Julie to people who need to look at the way they are eating and the effects this has on day to day life. People who are struggling with fatigue and feel they are stuck.

Julie is always up-beat, motivational and will not take no for an answer if she believes you can do something to help yourself.

My diet is now completely natural and I feel fantastic, I don’t miss the old me or old way of eating because I know how rubbish it made me feel.

Simone Payne, Business Owner

When I first spoke to Julie I was using HRT patches but still struggling with low moods, bad sleep, forgetfulness and low energy.

Trying to move forward with work or home life was like walking in treacle. Trying to change my eating just seemed like too much hard work and I didn’t really believe it would help anyway.

What a difference a few months have made! The weekly calls with Julie helped me to make gradual changes I barely noticed and yet when I look at what I eat now compared to a few months ago it’s completely different!

I know what my body needs and what foods are not helpful to me. I’ve removed caffeine from diet, I’m sleeping so much better and I’ve got more energy. Best of all I’m HRT free.

Isabel Annison, Project Manager
I’ve been struggling to sleep, feeling very low energy wise and frustrated that my body seems to be working against me!

During my VIP session with Julie I realised my current eating and exercising routine just isn’t giving my body what it needs. Consequently I can’t sleep at night, I’m tired during the day and the stress on my system is resulting in my own personal summers!

Talking to Julie has made so much difference and I can now see a clear path to reduce those internal stresses so I can once again enjoy life and focus on my business with a much drive and clarity as I was a few months ago.

Mary Waring, Specialist Financial Adviser
I hadn’t been feeling myself. Night sweats, cramping and really low energy levels were starting to get to me and I was having difficulty focusing at work. I knew I needed to make some changes but I didn’t know where to start and I certainly didn’t want to go on a diet.

Well this isn’t a diet – I never feel like I’m missing out and I don’t get hungry. Within a few short weeks I’m already feeling the benefits of all this healthy clean stuff! I feel energised, confident and I’m enjoying work again.

I couldn’t have put these changes in place without Julie’s support and the weekly calls keep me focused and on track. This is a lifestyle choice and there’s no going back for me.

Helen Nelson, Graphic Designer
I’ve been talking about making myself and my health a priority for some time but I’ve never been motivated enough to properly do anything about it. I knew I needed to stop talking about it and get on and take some action.

Sometimes you meet the right people at the right time and Julie was that person for me. I’ve now got a detailed plan to implement that I’m confident will improve my energy levels so I can work consistently throughout the day rather than crashing mid afternoon. I know exactly how to deal with my hot flushes so I don’t have to worry about heating up in front of clients.

I’m so pleased I made the leap and invested in myself. I’m excited and energised and can’t wait to get started.

Susie Tobias, Web Designer
When I first started working with Julie I was really unhappy with the extra weight I was carrying around my hips. My energy levels were low, my sleep terrible and I just didn’t feel like myself. Just 8 weeks later I’m back in my size 12 jeans – in fact they’re a little bit loose!

I’ve got so much more energy, I’m not fading in the evening and when I go to bed I actually sleep. This programme is about eating not dieting and Julie has been with me every step of the way supporting, educating and celebrating my success

Heather Brittain, Virtual Assistant
I was feeling very low in energy and frustrated my weight loss had plateaued. As I worked with Julie I realised I didn’t have the basic foundations in place to support my health goals.

I’ve now got a personalised programme that we designed together to help me kickstart my weight loss and ramp up my energy levels. What I love about my plan is that it’s all about what I can eat and do not what I can’t.

Samantha Kmieciak, Financial Adviser
It can be difficult when you don’t have someone to hold you to account so it was good to be able to talk to Julie on a regular basis, discuss the issues and be reminded to focus on my successes rather than just worrying about things that didn’t go so well.

My energy levels rapidly increased and my stomach problems evaporated.

Louise Yexley, Associate, Women in Business Network Associate
I started working with Julie primarily because I wanted to lose weight and lower my cholesterol. I was also struggling to sleep and suffering with mood swings and migraines.

Within a couple of weeks the headaches had gone and my sleep was improving. I’ve got a young daughter and I wanted to lead by example. The delicious and varied recipes meant we could still eat together.

What’s great about working with Julie is it’s not just about weight loss although that’s pretty much guaranteed. Whilst I still had various stresses in my life the increase in energy levels and resilience meant I was able to cope with everything so much better.

Nikki Raymer, Personal Assistant
I’m a high achiever in business and was frustrated I couldn’t achieve what I wanted with my health, weight and body shape. I want to feel good and look good too.

Julie’s programme has been an education – it’s not just about weight loss – it’s really made me review what I’m putting into my body, my kids and my husband too. Julie’s personal support and coaching was invaluable and kept me on track.

I feel better than I have for a long time. I’m lighter than I have been in years and my energy levels improved dramatically.

Carol Anne McConnellogue, Recruitment Specialist