Why caffeine is making you fat, tired and stupid

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When it comes to menopause there’s really only thing you need to worry about and that’s stress. Managing stress is crucial to managing your menopause symptoms. And you know when we think about stress you tend to think about the obvious stuff, external influences. Too much to do, difficult [...]

Does my bum look big in this?

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Do you regularly get stressed deciding what to wear for work because you’re unhappy with your profile? Are you already worrying about what you’re going to squeeze into for the Christmas party? We women come in all shapes and sizes and whilst there’s no doubt your body shape is [...]

The Cortisol Challenge

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You know cortisol is your main stress hormone and you know stress is a trigger for your menopause symptoms. Let’s explore how it’s specifically connected to your waistline, your sleep and your thinking and what you can do about it. Cortisol and menopause weight gain How’s your waistline?  Are [...]

The Cortisol Connection – the real reason you can’t sleep, lose weight or think straight

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When you think about hormones and menopause it’s probably oestrogen that comes to mind first.  You’ll have read that low levels of oestrogen are at the root of all your menopause symptoms. Well yes your oestrogen levels are dropping although it’s the relative levels compared to progesterone that’s really [...]