How to work through menopause at home

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The shift in working trends over the past few months have presented new challenges with regards to working through menopause. For individual workers, it can have some positives – heavy periods are much easier to manage at [...]

7 Self Care Strategies to Help you Control your Menopause Symptoms

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Menopause is tough. I know I’ve been there. The 3am wake ups, the sudden flashes of heat, the gnawing anxiety and the struggle to recall simple facts. Menopause makes you extra vulnerable to the judgments, criticism and [...]

Why caffeine is making you fat, tired and stupid

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When it comes to menopause there’s really only thing you need to worry about and that’s stress. Managing stress is crucial to managing your menopause symptoms. And you know when we think about stress you tend to [...]

Is this the crucial step you’re missing that’s stopping you get control of your menopause symptoms?

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Did you connect with your why? If not, stop reading this and start reading THIS. If yes, read on because now you’ve got your why we can take a look at the how. How can you stop [...]

The 1 thing you need to do today to get control of your menopause symptoms

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Did you know there’s a finite list of 40 menopause symptoms? That’s right, 40 potential symptoms ranging from hot flushes to low energy to hair loss to insomnia to forgetfulness to digestive problems to weight gain to [...]