7 Self Care Strategies to Help you Control your Menopause Symptoms

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Menopause is tough. I know I’ve been there. The 3am wake ups, the sudden flashes of heat, the gnawing anxiety and the struggle to recall simple facts. Menopause makes you extra vulnerable to the judgments, criticism and opinions of others who have no idea what you’re going through. And [...]

How to get happier, healthier skin through menopause and beyond

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Is your menopausal skin reacting worse than your teenage skin used to? Are you experiencing random spot breakouts or rogue hairs. Is it dry, itchy or red in patches? There are 4 key areas of influence when it comes to taking care of your skin: Hormones Eating & Drinking [...]

Calm down! It’s easier than you think!

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On a scale of 1 – 10 how stressed are you? Go on put a number on it. Do you have difficulty with sleeping? Are you anxious and worrying about things beyond your control? Do you have difficulty remembering things or often feel distracted? Yes, yes and yes? So [...]

Why caffeine is making you fat, tired and stupid

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When it comes to menopause there’s really only thing you need to worry about and that’s stress. Managing stress is crucial to managing your menopause symptoms. And you know when we think about stress you tend to think about the obvious stuff, external influences. Too much to do, difficult [...]

Calming Cortisol – three techniques you can use today

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The quickest and most effective way to balance your cortisol levels is to calm down – easier said than done I know! Stress is everywhere in the 21st century emails, traffic jams, toxins, pollutions, bad foods, annoying colleagues and even the wrong type of exercise. Whilst you can’t avoid [...]