3 things you can do today to ease your anxiety and improve your focus

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You know nobody said it was going to be easy. Menopause is a bitch. The flushes, the brain fog, the fatigue, the achy joints, the anxiety, the weight gain, the overwhelming sense you’re just not you anymore. So you moan about it to your girlfriends, you take it out [...]

Menopause at work – are your work colleagues to blame for your menopause symptoms?

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When you’re at home your menopause symptoms are just about manageable right?  Your family may tease you about your poor memory or roll their eyes at your grumpiness but they’re generally sympathetic.  Home is a safe place where you can be your hormonal self. At work it’s a different [...]

How to get motivated to make a change especially if you’ve lost weight before and put it all back on again

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If you’ve experienced the joy of losing weight and then the guilt of putting it back on again it can be very difficult to get motivated to make a change again; no matter how frustrated you are by your situation. My advice is to take it slowly, keep it [...]

How to avoid slipping back into old habits and piling on the pounds

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So Mindset.  This is such a big part of your success when it comes to healthy weight loss.  It doesn’t matter how appealing an eating plan I design for you; if your head’s not in the right space you’re not going to follow any of my advice anyway!  And [...]

Business success series: Master your mindset

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So smart step no 4 in this business success series is all about your mindset.  It doesn’t matter how sensible an eating plan or exercise plan you have to follow if you’re head’s not in the right space you’ll struggle to get the results you want. The first thing [...]

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