3 things you can do today to ease your anxiety and improve your focus

You know nobody said it was going to be easy. Menopause is a bitch. The flushes, the brain fog, the fatigue, the achy joints, the anxiety, the weight gain, the overwhelming sense you’re just not you anymore. So you moan about it to your girlfriends, you take it out [...]

The Cortisol Connection – the real reason you can’t sleep, lose weight or think straight

When you think about hormones and menopause it’s probably oestrogen that comes to mind first.  You’ll have read that low levels of oestrogen are at the root of all your menopause symptoms. Well yes your oestrogen levels are dropping although it’s the relative levels compared to progesterone that’s really [...]

Is this the crucial step you’re missing that’s stopping you get control of your menopause symptoms?

Did you connect with your why? If not, stop reading this and start reading THIS. If yes, read on because now you’ve got your why we can take a look at the how. How can you stop your hot flushes so you’re comfortable speaking up in meetings at work [...]

The 1 thing you need to do today to get control of your menopause symptoms

Did you know there’s a finite list of 40 menopause symptoms? That’s right, 40 potential symptoms ranging from hot flushes to low energy to hair loss to insomnia to forgetfulness to digestive problems to weight gain to burning mouth to osteoporosis to incontinence. Whilst you’re unlikely to experience them [...]

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