Menopause at Work: Risk Assessments, Policies & Guidelines

Let’s start with why menopause is relevant in the workplace. 100% of women will go through menopause but that’s nothing new. What has changed is women’s role in the UK workforce. Women currently comprise almost half the UK workforce and the number of older UK women in employment has been [...]

The Cortisol Connection – the real reason you can’t sleep, lose weight or think straight

When you think about hormones and menopause it’s probably oestrogen that comes to mind first.  You’ll have read that low levels of oestrogen are at the root of all your menopause symptoms. Well yes your oestrogen levels are dropping although it’s the relative levels compared to progesterone that’s really [...]

Menopause at work – the 3 top triggers for hot flushes in the office

Hot flushes in the office aren’t just uncomfortable they can be downright humiliating. You know how it is.  Mid meeting you suddenly sense that inner burn building.  You try to stay focused on what’s being said, maybe casually remove your jacket or put your hair up to get some [...]

Menopause at work – how to talk to your boss without sounding like a crazy lady

Did you know nearly 50% of women believe menopause symptoms have had a negative impact on their performance at work. The most common symptoms were poor concentration, tiredness and poor memory.  Unsurprisingly hot flushes were a major source of distress for women at work too. So if your menopause [...]

Menopause at work – are your work colleagues to blame for your menopause symptoms?

When you’re at home your menopause symptoms are just about manageable right?  Your family may tease you about your poor memory or roll their eyes at your grumpiness but they’re generally sympathetic.  Home is a safe place where you can be your hormonal self. At work it’s a different [...]

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