How to Create an Effective Menopause Communications Programme

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Is everyone at your company getting the information they want and need through your menopause communications programme or are people uncertain about who to ask for support, where to access resources or missing training opportunities because they’re not well publicised? There are two key pieces of menopause news you [...]

Managing Menopause in the Workplace through the Summer

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Managing menopause in the workplace can be tricky at the best of times – due to the symptoms themselves and compounded by lack of support and understanding from managers. Those menopause challenges can be heightened at certain times of year – a prime example being the summer months.   [...]

How to Break Through the Brain Fog of Menopause in the Workplace

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Getting your words muddled up, losing your train of thought mid sentence, missing appointments, forgetting peoples names…sound familiar?  Could it be menopause related brain fog? Brain fog and poor concentration are two of the top symptoms which cause difficulty for people working through menopause.  The good news is you [...]

Menopause isn’t a mental health issue!

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There’s been a lot of talk about menopause in the press these past few days. Great, right? Wrong! Once again it’s all about how menopause is a taboo topic. A dreadful disease that us poor middle aged women have to suffer through in silence.  How lucky for us then [...]