Menopause at work – the 3 top triggers for hot flushes in the office

Hot flushes in the office aren’t just uncomfortable they can be downright humiliating. You know how it is.  Mid meeting you suddenly sense that inner burn building.  You try to stay focused on what’s being said, maybe casually remove your jacket or put your hair up to get some [...]

Is this the crucial step you’re missing that’s stopping you get control of your menopause symptoms?

Did you connect with your why? If not, stop reading this and start reading THIS. If yes, read on because now you’ve got your why we can take a look at the how. How can you stop your hot flushes so you’re comfortable speaking up in meetings at work [...]

How to reduce your hot flushes – practical advice you can implement today

Are you a woman of a certain age? Are you familiar with that feeling of dread when you’re with a colleague or client and you sense that inner heat ramping up and you’ve got nowhere to hide? You can’t focus on anything except that bright red glow inside you, [...]

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