How to get ahead in 2016 – the one thing you must not do if you want to shift that menopause weight gain fast

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Are you fired up, totally focused and smashing through your 2016 goals? Or are you already experiencing a wobble and slipping back into old habits. If you’ve indulged as much as most British women, me included, over [...]

How to sail through perimenopause, fine tune your hormones and boost your vitality

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Perimenopause can be a shock. Seemingly arriving overnight you’re suddenly flung into mood swings, forgetfulness and blasts of heat. Nothing else has changed – you’re eating the same as before and exercising as much (or as little) [...]

Are you prepared for the perils of perimenopause?

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Women of a certain age tend to worry about how menopause will disrupt their lives but actually its forerunner perimenopause can be even trickier to navigate. Perimenopause is best described as the hormonal havoc leading up to [...]

The two things you must do for a good nights sleep

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If you’re one of the 60% of adults mainlining caffeine at your desk this morning because you had a rubbish nights sleep again last night your immune system will be compromised, your memory will be poor and [...]

Is hormone imbalance keeping you awake at night?

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How did you sleep last night? Did you nod off quite quickly, sleep through and then bounce out of bed this morning. Or like the majority of the population did you struggle to drop off, wake frequently [...]