How to get motivated to make a change especially if you’ve lost weight before and put it all back on again

If you’ve experienced the joy of losing weight and then the guilt of putting it back on again it can be very difficult to get motivated to make a change again; no matter how frustrated you are by your situation. My advice is to take it slowly, keep it [...]

How to avoid slipping back into old habits and piling on the pounds

So Mindset.  This is such a big part of your success when it comes to healthy weight loss.  It doesn’t matter how appealing an eating plan I design for you; if your head’s not in the right space you’re not going to follow any of my advice anyway!  And [...]

What to eat for healthy weight loss and buckets of energy

Are you tired most of the time and still struggling to shift those stubborn pounds?  Does it all seem like too much effort to meal plan and make the right choices? Well you don’t have to this week because I’ve done it for you. Three simple guidelines to kickstart [...]

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