Is the wrong type of oestrogen responsible for your tiredness, temper and tears?

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Are you tired and tearful with less control over your temper these days? Have you noticed sudden mood swings? One minute you’re happily getting on with your day and the next you’re furious because that certain person [...]

How to sail through perimenopause, fine tune your hormones and boost your vitality

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Perimenopause can be a shock. Seemingly arriving overnight you’re suddenly flung into mood swings, forgetfulness and blasts of heat. Nothing else has changed – you’re eating the same as before and exercising as much (or as little) [...]

What to eat for healthy weight loss and buckets of energy

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Are you tired most of the time and still struggling to shift those stubborn pounds? Does it all seem like too much effort to meal plan and make the right choices? Well you don’t have to this [...]

Do you want to work smarter not harder?

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Do you want to work smarter not harder and get more done in less time? If you’ve been reading my business success series you’ll be familiar with the seven smart steps to help you do just that. [...]

Business success series: Celebrate your success

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How many successes have you had this week? How many feats however small have you accomplished? And how many things have gone wrong, what difficulties have you encountered this week? If you’re anything like me I’m guessing [...]