Business success series: Love your skin

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If you’ve been following my smart steps to business success series you’ll already know how important what you put in your body is when it comes to boosting your energy levels, productivity and profit. But, have you ever thought about what you’re putting on the outside and how that [...]

Business success series: Accelerate your results

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The link between healthy employees and profit is well documented and as Arianna Huffington blogged earlier this year, “big business has learned that wellness is good business.” Step 5 in this series - accelerate your results is all about exercise.  Exercise has enormous both physical and mental benefits.  It [...]

Business success series: Master your mindset

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So smart step no 4 in this business success series is all about your mindset.  It doesn’t matter how sensible an eating plan or exercise plan you have to follow if you’re head’s not in the right space you’ll struggle to get the results you want. The first thing [...]

Business success series: Eat smart

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You’ve got to eat smart to work smart.  As far as I’m concerned not all calories are equal and dieting is a dirty word.  I’m sure most of you have worked in companies where cutback after cutback has led to a reduction in output, quality and effectiveness. It’s the [...]

Business success series: Your unique hormone balance

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If you’re serious about succeeding in business you need to get serious about your health. Easier said than done I know– who has time to wade through all that well meaning advice out there? Me! I’ve got an expert solution system that’s guaranteed to ramp up your body confidence, [...]

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