Menopause Workshops and Training Solutions

All our menopause workshops and training programmes are customised to ensure that your people get the best learning experience, and your organisation is renowned as a great place to work where everyone can be themselves and perform at their peak.  Services include:

  • Menopause consultancy to help you integrate menopause into your existing EDI and wellbeing programmes to foster a more inclusive workplace that will improve retention and drive business performance at all levels.
  • Menopause workshops and webinars to quickly reduce the stigma, generate engagement and resolve immediate challenges so that all staff feel involved, valued and supported.
  • Menopause training for managers to ensure they are open to discussion about menopause and can responsibly support and signpost their team so everyone can continue to perform at their best.
  • Menopause Champion training to ensure your menopause initiative remains lively, relevant and front of mind through 2022 and beyond.
  • E learning to promote a positive and equitable environment so that new and current employees are able to understand your company’s commitment to menopause as an inclusive topic and set you apart as an employer of choice.
  • Communications materials and surveys to ensure consistent messaging, support and inclusivity in a positive and collaborative style.
  • Toolkits and Activity Packs designed to create learning opportunities, engage all staff and make menopause an everyday conversation in a fun (and competitive!) way.

Menopause Workshops & Webinars

  • Interactive menopause workshop designed to raise awareness and create positive conversations around menopause so employees are able to enhance their own wellbeing and performance, alongside your organisation’s commitment to being an inclusive employer.
  • Discover a range of strategies to help manage symptoms like hot flushes, poor sleep, brain fog, fatigue and anxiety so those experiencing symptoms continue to thrive at work and at home.
  • Hot tips to support colleagues at work and partners at home that will help broaden awareness with regards to the issues and opportunities menopause presents.
  • Promote an environment normalising menopause at work whereby colleagues can comfortably engage in discussions when appropriate.
  • Menopause workshops can be tailored for women only, men only or mixed audience.

Menopause Training for Managers & Leaders

  • Collaborative and educational sessions designed to reduce knowledge gaps, normalize menopause and reduce any feelings of awkwardness so your managers, leaders and HR team can responsibly support and signpost people experiencing symptoms and everyone can continue to perform at their best.
  • Clear overview of the business case as to why menopause is relevant to demonstrate this as being a business critical rather than a ‘tick box’ initiative.
  • Role and responsibilities including conducting confident conversations with a team member experiencing symptoms so both managers and staff feel supported.
  • Examples of best practice menopause workplace solutions, reasonable adjustments and links to internal policies so managers can confidently and responsibly support and signpost their team.
  • Menopause training for managers tailored and linked to your overall wellbeing and inclusion strategy.

Menopause Champion Training

  • Interactive, upbeat, engaging menopause workshops designed to encourage conversation, build confidence and subject matter expertise so champions can provide evidence based, non biased advice to colleagues seeking support.
  • Defining the champion role, responsibilities and boundaries including legal requirements and conducting menopause conversations with colleagues to ensure compliance, transparency and ensure the best outcome for everyone.
  • Hot tips for introducing simple and effective workplace solutions to promote a positive and inclusive environment where it’s ok to talk about menopause through 2021 and beyond.
  • Training materials including workbook, fact sheet, resources list and FAQ to provide supplementary advice, signposting and support for menopause champions.

To schedule a call to discuss how tailored Menopause Workshops & Training can quickly enhance employee wellbeing and performance at your organisation please email

Menopause E Learning

Bespoke online menopause training to raise awareness, educate and inform.

  • Complement live menopause workshops with online learning to embed menopause as a mainstream topic throughout your organisation.
  • Promote a positive and equitable environment so that new (and existing) employees are able to understand your company’s commitment to menopause as an inclusive topic and set you apart as an employer of choice.
  • E learning is an excellent option to manage logistical challenges.
  • Content is customised to align with the needs of your organisation and people and is delivered in video, audio and written format to accommodate all learning styles.

Menopause Toolkits & Activity Packs

Complement your Menopause Workshops with Menopause Toolkits and Resource Packs.  Content can be customised but typically includes:

  • Intranet content to provide complementary advice including Fact sheet, Resources list, Menopause FAQs plus top ten tips for promoting a company wide menopause friendly environment so that learning and conversations continue after World Menopause Day.
  • Line Manager Guidance to ensure team leaders are well placed to recognise menopause symptoms and signpost and support staff members as appropriate.
  • Menopause Policy or Guidance template to inform leaders, managers and employees alike of your company’s approach to menopause related issues.
  • Survey questions designed to gauge levels of staff interest, awareness and track ROI.
  • Quizzes and challenges to bring people together to share knowledge in a positive learning environment.

Menopause Movement Classes

  • Online practical classes focused on the right type of exercise for bone health, pelvic health and maintaining a healthy weight to keep your staff energised, motivated and engaged for the long term.
  • 30 minutes workouts that are fun, equipment free and suitable for all fitness levels.

Let’s work together to create a bespoke solution that will:

  • Result in rapid improvements for people experiencing symptoms like flushes, sleep and energy levels leading to a positive impact on mood, the ability to think clearer and achieve much more during the working day.
  • Ensure your leaders are familiar with the business case, relevant employment law and reasonable adjustments to keep their team healthy, engaged and prevent the loss of valuable employees.
  • Foster an inclusive workplace environment where everyone feels valued, motivated and able to be themselves.

What Organisations Say About Working With Me…

It has been a pleasure to work with Julie who was recommended by colleagues as an engaging and knowledgeable speaker.  Julie tailored her approach to our requirements, and I was confident the event would go smoothly.

The webinar ‘Let’s talk about the menopause’ covered a range of topics, both with valuable insights for the individual and the organisation, which Julie covered in depth and supported with recent developments in this area.

The event was well attended with colleagues asking questions and commenting on issues, raised the visibility of the topic to a wider audience and highlighted the areas we need to focus on to be able to support our colleagues more effectively.

I’d highly recommend Julie to other organisations that are looking for an external perspective and guidance on their journey for inclusion for all.

Annastasia Parsons, Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Lead, bpha

The UK Health Security Agency is committed to creating an inclusive, understanding working environment and increasing awareness of the potential effect of menopausal symptoms on staff.  A vital part of this commitment includes raising awareness and recruiting menopause champions from within the workforce.

We enlisted Julie Dennis to train the menopause champions.  The organisation, delivery and follow up was extremely informative, flexible and professional. We have had a positive experience and some great feedback from all the champions’.

Ginder Narle, Staff Health and Wellbeing Lead, UK Health Security Agency

We have had three informative, honest, challenging and enlightening sessions with Julie about menopause. We delivered to women who are going through menopause, to managers of people going through menopause and as a general awareness session to colleagues, friends and families.

Julie was authentic and engaging making people feel comfortable to ask questions, share their fears and anxieties and by the end made them more confident to have the conversation about the menopause.

We’re changing the way we talk about the change, and Julie was fundamental in the start of our menopause inclusion!

Carmel Roberts, Engagement Manager, Calico Group

Julie delivered a fantastic session around the menopause that was engaging, inclusive and factual.  The interactive session had great attendance from our team and the feedback was that it was really informative and helpful.  We will be carrying on this very important conversation!

Caroline Todd, Head of People & Culture, Civic Engineers

Right from the start, Julie makes all participants feel at ease which really assists in an honest flow of conversation.  The subject is delivered in a way that facilitates conversation, a must in order to normalise the topic going forwards.

The whole process from first communication to Julie to delivery is seamless and participants really appreciated the welcome email beforehand.

Abigail Clark, Wellbeing & Inclusion, NHS Business Services Authority

It’s Amgueddfa Cymru’s aim that all staff experiencing difficulties because of menopausal symptoms are supported as much as possible and we’ve been working with Julie for almost a year now to make this happen.

We’ve run workshops for female employees across all our sites in Cardiff, Swansea and N Wales and the first Line Manager Training session was delivered earlier this month.

There’s a real buzz around menopause at the museum and this initiative and training has received overwhelmingly positive feedback.  Everyone’s talking about menopause!

Julie is a real pleasure to work with and with her help we’ll be rolling out further line manager training and creating a network of menopause champions.   We’ve also had a very positive response from male colleagues and will be providing training specifically designed to meet their needs later this year.

Kristina Enticott, HR Manager, National Museum Wales

Thank you for running our Menopause workshop.  At the University of London we have not yet aired this particular topic but your workshop encouraged us to do that and to see it as something which deserves as much support and flexibility as any other human condition.

You encouraged us to talk about how this was affecting us, discussed some of the more common effects, encouraged us to think about the way it made us feel, acknowledged the effect it could have on our work and our ability to do our jobs.

You talked us though how to alleviate some of the symptoms acknowledging medical and non- medical interventions.  We were all encouraged to think of something which we would do differently going forward.

Your friendly, accessible style in which you shared your own experiences put everyone at ease.  The session was fun yet interesting and provided some really useful information for us to take away.

We now have the courage to take this matter up with the management of the University to embed this in policies such as flexible working and equality and diversity.

Elaine Walters, Deputy Chief Executive, Director of Operations, School of Advanced Study, University of London

At Kirklees Council, inclusion and wellbeing are important to us and getting people talking about menopause feels very relevant to both themes. After posting a blog to help raise awareness and mark World Menopause Day in October 2018, we then decided to run a “Let’s talk about menopause” session for Kirklees employees in December 2018.

We were pleased to work with Julie to plan and deliver this session, and over 100 employees attended. She was a passionate, knowledgeable and engaging speaker, talking to the group about menopause symptoms, the impact at work and ideas for managing and normalising menopause. Julie had also suggested the idea of Kirklees people sharing their personal stories and experiences as part of the session, which proved to be a real highlight. She supported this by speaking to our volunteers beforehand and facilitating their storytelling on the day, which included hearing a male and young employee perspective.

We saw a real shift in the feelings in the room from “tired”, “scared” and “hot” at the beginning of the session to “hopeful”, “informed” and “normal” at the end, and have had some great feedback. Since then we’ve added another blog session plus a package of resources that all employees can access to help support ongoing conversations around menopause.

Alison Monkhouse, Learning & Organisational Development, People Services, Kirklees Council

We were keen to raise awareness of the menopause amongst our retail teams and Julie’s Menopause workshop hit the right note.  Julie delivered the information in a friendly, realistic but professional tone providing both practical and balanced advice.  Following the workshops our Retail Managers reported feeling more knowledgeable and confident about supporting team members going forward.

Tina Wallace, People Manager, Cook

Julie visited our organisation to present and discuss the menopause and ensured it was an inclusive topic and dealt with in a professional and sensitive way.  We wanted women to understand more fully the symptoms and triggers of the menopause and ways to manage it.  We wanted our male members of staff to understand more fully how they might be able to help female staff during this time and what to be aware of.

Julie was professional, helpful and caring and staff were able to ask more sensitive questions at the end outside of the main session.  The session was a great success and was part of our Health and Wellbeing programme.  With an ageing population and people working for longer, it’s really important to embrace this topic, be proactive and support your staff when and where possible.  I have no hesitation in recommending Julie to other organisations.

Adele Monk, HR Manager, IMC Worldwide

Julie is a knowledgable and engaging trainer on menopause in the workplace.  I brought her in to provide some specialist support for my clients who are from both the public and private sector and she received positive feedback across the board.  She is easy to work with, flexible and personable.

Rosie Clarke, Senior Diversity & Inclusion Consultant, Inclusive Employers

Thank you Julie for the clear and concise menopause webinar that you provided for Action for Children.

It provides an easy to follow and very informative overview of what the menopause is, how it impacts on an organisation and best practice solutions. Highly recommend.

Siobhan Corria, Head of Inclusion, Action for Children

Menopause, especially in the work place, is forgotten about sometimes and so it was great for Julie to come in and speak to our staff about the different aspects and how to deal with it, in and outside of work. The feedback from our staff was brilliant and we have since been in touch with Julie with regards to a menopause policy to further support our staff.  Julie was brilliant throughout the whole organising of the event and I could not recommend Julie enough for her service.

Tasha Blades, Development and Quality Coordinator, Tresham College
Hertfordshire Constabulary are determined to improve knowledge around the topic of menopause at work so we can both reduce knowledge gaps for managers and support female staff and officers experiencing symptoms.
Julie delivered an excellent Introduction to Menopause workshop for our female employees and line managers. Packed with practical information and interactive elements attendees were fully engaged throughout. We all now have a much better understanding of how to identify and manage symptoms in the workplace.
Julie also shared a crucial conversation framework that’s given our female staff the confidence to discuss menopause symptoms with line managers as necessary.
Inspector Karen Potton, Hertfordshire Constabulary

Following an inspirational ‘wellbeing’ session on the menopause I invited Julie in to come and talk to my teaching team on how the menopause can impact working relationships. All members of the team found this a very thought provoking topic including both males and females as well as younger women who have not experienced this life changing stage.

Julie’s own experience as well as her scientific knowledge raised discussion on how individuals are feeling whilst experiencing this stage of their life.  A very valuable and informative session….. where, to date, the discussions around brain fog and hot flushes are now becoming the norm!

Karen Campbell, Director of Social Studies, The Bedford College Group

A total of 48 ladies turned out for our Lunch and Learn session billed as ‘Pause for Thought’

Not only women experiencing symptoms attended, but also managers who were keen to understand how best to support staff. The feedback from the session was really positive and the information will be sent to the internal Staff Wellbeing group with a view to roll out further sessions.

The session was held in the Council Chamber, and one of the participants commented ‘it was a momentous occasion in an historic room

Julie uses a great mix of fact, humour and personal experience to deliver an interactive session.

On a personal note I have learnt a few tricks – and I am thankful to say I am sleeping better– this is having a positive impact on my mood, so all round it definitely was a great idea to contact Julie.

Deniece Dobson, Partnership & Relationship Manager VCS, Luton Council

The fire service are committed to raising awareness of the importance of inclusion in the workplace and the business benefits to having a diverse and inclusive workforce.

The menopause session delivered by Julie during National Inclusion Week was really well received and quickly got people talking and thinking about the topic more, especially around exercise and fitness.

Sarah Kay, Inclusion & Diversity Partner, Hampshire Fire & Rescue Service