If you’re experiencing symptoms like hot flushes, mood swings, low energy, brain fog, poor sleep and menopause weight gain you’re in the right place!

Managing stress is key to managing your menopause symptoms.  When we think about stress, we tend to think about the obvious stuff, external influences:  too much to do, difficult people, traffic jams, overloaded inbox.  Stress is a 21st century lifestyle thing you might feel you have no control over.

But actually stress is internal too.  Your body can get stressed out by the food and drink you put in it, the toxins you’re exposed to and even the type of exercise you do.

Your body will also be stressed out as a result of the hormonal changes you’re experiencing through your menopause years.  But once you’ve worked out what the triggers are for your symptoms you can either eliminate or learn to manage those triggers.

So what could your triggers be?  The stress thats triggering your menopause symptoms will fall into one of more of these four categories:

Food & Drink

Food & Drink

How does your body react when you consume certain food or drink?



How do you feel after you exercise – energised or drained?


Sleep, Stress & Mindset

You can’t avoid stress you can learn to manage it with relaxation techniques



The chemicals in your skincare products can disrupt your hormones

The good news with access to balanced, expert advice you can get control of your symptoms, regain your confidence at home and at work and above all feel like yourself again.

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