How to write a menopause policy

With employment tribunals relating to menopause on the rise and legislative changes on the horizon we’re seeing an increasing pressure on organisations to establish a menopause policy to demonstrate their commitment to support people working through menopause. [...]

Menopause champions in the workplace – what you need to know

Menopause champions have a valuable role to play in the workplace and can help ensure your menopause training and awareness programme remains lively, relevant and front of mind for all employees. If you’re creating a menopause champion [...]

Are you ready for a change in government policy on menopause in the workplace?

The big menopause news for 2022 is the government inquiry asking if enough is being done to address the impact of menopause in the workplace which means this could finally be the year we see a change [...]

Employers Guidance on Menopause and the Workplace

The Menopause Inclusion Framework is designed to provide employers with guidance on menopause and the workplace. Its aim is to support organisations committed to creating positive behaviours and conversations around menopause in the workplace so that you [...]

How to get senior buy in for your menopause training in the workplace programme

For many of you, promoting an environment where it’s ok to talk about menopause is simply the right thing to do. Unfortunately, some of your senior colleagues won’t agree or will be more focused on investing in [...]