Menopause in the Workplace Case Study: ACAS

Do you want to know what it's really like to work with me? ACAS kindly agreed to provide a Menopause in the Workplace Case Study and share how our work together has helped to enhance feelings of [...]

How to Create an Effective Menopause Communications Programme

Is everyone at your company getting the information they want and need through your menopause communications programme or are people uncertain about who to ask for support, where to access resources or missing training opportunities because they’re [...]

Did you hear the BIG menopause news?

Menopause and specifically menopause support in the workplace hit the headlines again with the news of government's lack of support for those working through menopause and people are furious. Some of the comments I’ve read include: [...]

HOW are you talking about menopause in the workplace this year?

It might be a new year but I’m still asking the same question… HOW are you talking about menopause in the workplace? I ask myself and my clients this question regularly and you should too because the [...]

Menopause Training and Support Through 2023 and Beyond…

Do you do an end of year business review? I do. I focus on pre-determined key areas such as Client Results, Visibility, Reputation, ROI, Work/Life balance and score each out of five. Any area that scores [...]