Julie Dennis partners with organisations across the UK to introduce menopause as an inclusive topic, educate leaders and improve the experience of people working through menopause.

Prior to entering the health and wellness field, Julie was employed in a variety of corporate roles spanning executive search, management consultancy and the mining industry.

The powerful combination of her personal experience of menopause and business background means she is ideally placed to meet both the needs of the individual and the demands of the business.

Julie regularly demonstrates her expertise as a speaker and commentator on menopause issues in the press, on panels and at live events.

When she’s not talking about menopause you can often find Julie at the piano or out running!


Liz has been delivering training and coaching focussed on health and wellbeing for the last 10 years, and has been privileged to work across every sector, and in a huge variety of industries. she also has many years’ experience in support services, specialising in employment and career coaching focused on adaptation to shifting life circumstances and health needs – enabling individuals to thrive at work, and equipping employers to support and develop their workforce.

Her breadth of prior experience across industries and sectors enables her to appreciate the support needs of individuals, in the context of a broad range of work environments. Her focus on mental and emotional health has drawn her to develop her understanding of menopause and its potential to impact wellbeing in these areas. Liz loves to keep fit and to travel, so when she isn’t training or coaching, you can find her walking, running and dancing; or planning her next adventure.


Nicola has been providing accessible, achievable targeted fitness training for nearly five years.

Fitter and stronger in her 40s than she was in her 20s, she knows the secrets to midlife fitness and specialises in the right type of exercise for bone health, pelvic health and maintaining a healthy weight.

Nicola’s workouts are fun, equipment-free and suitable for all fitness levels.

When she’s not getting other people into shape, Nicola focuses on her own fitness, two daughters and two cats. She also loves dance music!


Justine has been a virtual business ally to coaches, creatives and boutique challenger brands for the last two years, providing them with creative admin, marketing and project support and helping them regain the space and time they need to get back to the work, hobbies, and people they love.

Prior to pivoting her business into a virtual assistant set-up, Justine spent eight years copywriting, managing online content and project-managing brochure production for a luxury travel company, and has over 30 years’ experience working for blue-chip and niche, luxury businesses, from which she amassed a rolodex of research, marketing, logistical, content, negotiation and project-based skills.

She’s also completed basic sub-orbital space flight training too – just in case you ever need an international space agent in your corner!

to contact us today with regards to launching a bespoke menopause initiative that will:

  • Introduce menopause as an inclusive topic.

  • Equip those working through menopause with a range of strategies for managing symptoms like hot flushes, poor sleep, brain fog, fatigue and anxiety both at work and at home.
  • Ensure all employees understand the potential impact of menopause in the workplace and how best to support colleagues.
  • Educate managers so they understand the issues in the context of work and how being open to talking about menopause can make a positive difference to the whole team.

  • Encourage those challenged by symptoms to become more confident in asking for support and reasonable adjustments, so they can continue to be successful and productive in their roles.

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