• 100% of women will go through menopause

  • Women comprise almost half the UK workforce with 3.5 million aged 50 and over

  • 75% of women of a menopausal age are working

  • Almost 50% of women interviewed in a study by the University of Nottingham felt their job performance had been negatively affected by menopausal symptoms including poor concentration, tiredness, poor memory and hot flushes

  • Increasing awareness for HR teams around the impact of menopause symptoms will help effectively manage the female leadership pipeline to ensure female talent isn’t lost

  • When wellbeing is high on your agenda both employer and employee benefit.  Productivity and retention rates improve and absenteeism reduces

How I can help your organisation


Risk Assessments, Policies and Guidelines

  • Review, update and create relevant occupational health and wellbeing documentation to consider the specific needs of mid life women

Workshops & Webinars

1 How to cool down, calm down and break through the brain fog of menopause

This interactive workshop is designed to ensure female employees have access to balanced, expert advice around managing menopause symptoms to ensure impact on job performance is minimised:

  • Menopause – what’s happening to me
  • Recognising symptoms
  • Managing menopause symptoms – medical, natural and practical solutions

2 Understanding Menopause at Work

This short but powerful workshop or pre recorded webinar is designed to ensure line managers are well placed to support female team members who are affected by menopause and understand the business reasons for doing so:

  • What is menopause?
  • Why menopause is a problem for business
  • Workplace solutions and reasonable adjustments

3 Menopause Awareness Training

This educational and informative workshop or pre recorded webinar creates an open forum for all employees to understand and discuss the potential impact of menopause in the workplace:

  • What is menopause including common symptoms and triggers
  • Why menopause is relevant in the workplace
  • Workplace solutions and reasonable adjustments
  • Confident conversations

Membership Programme

Menopause Membership and Accountability Groups for 3, 6 or 12 months

Create a private community and safe forum to champion female employees who’ve attended a workshop and are ready to implement what they’ve learnt:

  • Daily online support and accountability from me
  • Strategies to improve productivity, clarity of thinking and move through the menopause with ease
  • Resources including worksheets, recipes and training sessions

VIP Coaching

Private Coaching for your female leaders

Dedicated 3 month coaching programme to ease your female executives through the menopause with easy to implement lifestyle changes that will improve the way they work:

  • Weekly online or in person coaching sessions to dramatically reduce hot flushes, sharpen up fuzzy thinking and ease menopause related anxiety in client meetings
  • Tailored advice on how to eat, drink, move and think your way through menopause whilst leading a successful team
  • Straightforward, practical advice and accountability for fast results

To discuss the best solution for your organisation please email julie@juliedennis.net with your contact details and an outline of what your organisation is currently doing with regards to menopause in the workplace.

What Organisations Say About Working With Me…

Thank you Julie for the clear and concise menopause webinar that you provided for Action for Children.

It provides an easy to follow and very informative overview of what the menopause is, how it impacts on an organisation and best practice solutions. Highly recommend.

Siobhan Corria, Head of Inclusion, Action for Children
Hertfordshire Constabulary are determined to improve knowledge around the topic of menopause at work so we can both reduce knowledge gaps for managers and support female staff and officers experiencing symptoms.
Julie delivered an excellent Introduction to Menopause workshop for our female employees and line managers. Packed with practical information and interactive elements attendees were fully engaged throughout. We all now have a much better understanding of how to identify and manage symptoms in the workplace.
Julie also shared a crucial conversation framework that’s given our female staff the confidence to discuss menopause symptoms with line managers as necessary.
Inspector Karen Potton, Hertfordshire Constabulary

Following an inspirational ‘wellbeing’ session on the menopause I invited Julie in to come and talk to my teaching team on how the menopause can impact working relationships. All members of the team found this a very thought provoking topic including both males and females as well as younger women who have not experienced this life changing stage.

Julie’s own experience as well as her scientific knowledge raised discussion on how individuals are feeling whilst experiencing this stage of their life.  A very valuable and informative session….. where, to date, the discussions around brain fog and hot flushes are now becoming the norm!

Karen Campbell, Director of Social Studies, The Bedford College Group

A total of 48 ladies turned out for our Lunch and Learn session billed as ‘Pause for Thought’

Not only women experiencing symptoms attended, but also managers who were keen to understand how best to support staff. The feedback from the session was really positive and the information will be sent to the internal Staff Wellbeing group with a view to roll out further sessions.

The session was held in the Council Chamber, and one of the participants commented ‘it was a momentous occasion in an historic room

Julie uses a great mix of fact, humour and personal experience to deliver an interactive session.

On a personal note I have learnt a few tricks – and I am thankful to say I am sleeping better– this is having a positive impact on my mood, so all round it definitely was a great idea to contact Julie.

Deniece Dobson, Partnership & Relationship Manager VCS, Luton Council

The fire service are committed to raising awareness of the importance of inclusion in the workplace and the business benefits to having a diverse and inclusive workforce.

The menopause session delivered by Julie during National Inclusion Week was really well received and quickly got people talking and thinking about the topic more, especially around exercise and fitness.

Sarah Kay, Inclusion & Diversity Partner, Hampshire Fire & Rescue Service

About Julie

With an early corporate career spanning executive search, management consultancy and external affairs for a FTSE100 mining company, Julie has played a key role in Communications, PR and Global reporting for big business. Her specialised background means she is adept at delivering highly complex information in an easily digestible format.

In search of new challenges in her early 40s Julie qualified as a personal trainer and nutrition adviser with a passion for working with busy, professional women and soon discovered one of their key concerns was controlling menopause symptoms.

The powerful combination of her personal experience and business background means she is ideally placed to understand both the needs of the menopausal female employee and the needs of the business.