How to break through the brain fog of menopause

Brain fog. Yep it’s a real thing! Getting your words muddled up, losing your train of thought mid sentence, forgetting peoples names…sound familiar? Maybe you worry there’s something more sinister going on – perhaps dementia or Alzheimers. In reality, if you’re a woman of a certain age it’s more [...]

How to reduce your hot flushes – practical advice you can implement today

Are you a woman of a certain age? Are you familiar with that feeling of dread when you’re with a colleague or client and you sense that inner heat ramping up and you’ve got nowhere to hide? You can’t focus on anything except that bright red glow inside you, [...]

Your menopause roadmap – what to expect and when

Perimenopause, menopause, post menopause – you’re probably aware of these terms but do you know how they apply to you or even how to recognise which stage you’re experiencing? Your menopause experience has three specific stages: Perimenopause literally meaning “around menopause” is where it all begins. It’s the bumpy [...]

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