How to break through the brain fog of menopause

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Brain fog. Yep it’s a real thing! Getting your words muddled up, losing your train of thought mid sentence, forgetting peoples names… sound familiar? Maybe you worry there’s something more sinister going on – perhaps dementia or [...]

How to reduce your hot flushes – practical advice you can implement today

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Are you a woman of a certain age? Are you familiar with that feeling of dread when you’re with a colleague or client and you sense that inner heat ramping up and you’ve got nowhere to hide? [...]

My menopause – a very personal experience

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I firmly believe that with the right knowledge and the right attitude you can negotiate your menopause years with grace and ease. Why should you believe that too? Let me explain… At the age of 32 I [...]

Your menopause roadmap – what to expect and when

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Perimenopause, menopause, post menopause – you’re probably aware of these terms but do you know how they apply to you or even how to recognise which stage you’re experiencing? Your menopause experience has three specific stages: Perimenopause [...]

Managing Menopause the Smart Way

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Menopause and it’s precursor perimenopause can hit you like a truck and leave you feeling confused, dazed and slightly deranged. You probably barely recognize yourself. Who is this woman who seemingly overnight can’t fit into her jeans, [...]