Menopause at Work: Risk Assessments, Policies & Guidelines

Let’s start with why menopause is relevant in the workplace. 100% of women will go through menopause but that’s nothing new. What has changed is women’s role in the UK workforce. Women currently comprise almost half the UK workforce and the number of older UK women in employment has been [...]

How do you get men and younger women involved in the menopause conversation?

Let’s start with some interesting stats about Menopause in the Workplace: • Women comprise almost half the UK workforce – they’re working longer and they’re working in more senior positions too. • Growth in female leadership means the number of females in FTSE Board roles have doubled since 2011. • [...]

Menopause, Woman’s Hour and Why its a Problem for Business in 2018

This week is being celebrated as a tipping point in the world of menopause with Woman’s Hour dedicating a whole week to exploring its impact on women’s work and relationships. Great – I love that menopause is going mainstream – it’s been an invisible issue for too long. Women [...]

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