How to get senior buy in for your menopause training programme

For many of you, promoting an environment where it’s ok to talk about menopause is simply the right thing to do.  Unfortunately, some of your senior colleagues won’t agree or will be more focused on investing in business projects that they deem to have a clearer ROI.  The good [...]

Menopause at Work: Supporting your Mid Life Female Employees

I think it’s important you introduce menopause into your organisation as an inclusive topic - it’s crucial the men and younger women are involved in the conversation too. However the women who are actually experiencing symptoms will benefit from some very specific support. And there are things you can [...]

Menopause at Work: Risk Assessments, Policies & Guidelines

Let’s start with why menopause is relevant in the workplace. 100% of women will go through menopause but that’s nothing new. What has changed is women’s role in the UK workforce. Women currently comprise almost half the UK workforce and the number of older UK women in employment has been [...]

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