Menopause Training Roadmap for HR Professionals

As menopause training and support in the workplace becomes an increasingly hot topic, very often it’s HR professionals who are asked to lead the initiative internally. HR and People teams are expected to produce menopause policy and guidance documents, update benefits packages, provide support for colleagues, implement menopause training [...]

Three ways your company can deliver more inclusive menopause training

Let me talk to you about inclusive menopause training – why it’s important and three ways you can make sure your training reflects the experiences of all your employees. Menopause is a unique experience that intersects with everything already present in a person’s life – whether that be race, [...]

Employers Guidance on Menopause and the Workplace

The Menopause Inclusion Framework is designed to provide employers with guidance on menopause and the workplace.  Its aim is to support organisations committed to creating positive behaviours and conversations around menopause in the workplace so that you set yourself apart as an employer of choice who supports staff through [...]

How to get senior buy in for your menopause training in the workplace programme

For many of you, promoting an environment where it’s ok to talk about menopause is simply the right thing to do.  Unfortunately, some of your senior colleagues won’t agree or will be more focused on investing in business projects that they deem to have a clearer ROI.  The good [...]

Why you shouldn’t be talking about menopause in the workplace

I talk a lot about why you should be creating positive menopause conversations at work and whilst an increasing number of organisations are getting on board with this, there are a few people in the work environment who are openly resistant.  And this is why: It will make [...]

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