How to get happier, healthier skin through menopause and beyond

Is your menopausal skin reacting worse than your teenage skin used to? Are you experiencing random spot breakouts or rogue hairs. Is it dry, itchy or red in patches? There are 4 key areas of influence when it comes to taking care of your skin: Hormones Eating & Drinking [...]

Calming Cortisol – three techniques you can use today

The quickest and most effective way to balance your cortisol levels is to calm down – easier said than done I know! Stress is everywhere in the 21st century emails, traffic jams, toxins, pollutions, bad foods, annoying colleagues and even the wrong type of exercise. Whilst you can’t avoid [...]

Do supplements supercharge you or are they simply a con?

The supplement industry is booming with over 70% of UK adults regularly taking supplements in an effort to supercharge their emotional, mental and physical energy. So does pill popping really make a difference or is it all a big con?  In truth, yes it does make a difference but [...]

How to sail through perimenopause, fine tune your hormones and boost your vitality

Perimenopause can be a shock.  Seemingly arriving overnight you’re suddenly flung into mood swings, forgetfulness and blasts of heat.  Nothing else has changed – you’re eating the same as before and exercising as much (or as little) as you’ve always done. Here’s the thing, the hormonal changes that are [...]

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