Business success series: Accelerate your results

The link between healthy employees and profit is well documented and as Arianna Huffington blogged earlier this year, “big business has learned that wellness is good business.” Step 5 in this series - accelerate your results is all about exercise.  Exercise has enormous both physical and mental benefits.  It [...]

Five reasons not to ditch your exercise programme in December

December is full of distractions and it’s all too easy to get out of the exercise habit. You’ve already got so much to do. There’s present shopping, meals to plan, friends to catch up with, family to visit, school concerts to attend, christmas trees to buy – the list [...]

The smart exercise choice for healthy weight loss

Do you find that exercise usually ends up on your might do rather than your must do list?  Maybe you’re not sure where to begin, maybe you’re short on time, or perhaps you just can’t face leaving the house once your must do list is complete. Well, I’ve got [...]

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