The Hot Flush Freedom Challenge

If you’ve recently attended one of my menopause workshops or talks and you’re looking to get some further tips and tricks for managing your menopause symptoms you’re in the right place.

Stress is a key trigger for your menopause symptoms and whilst you can’t avoid stress what you can do is learn how to manage it through the way you eat, drink, move and think.

The Hot Flush Freedom Challenge is a fun, easy 10 day challenge that will get you cooler, calmer, mentally sharper, restore your confidence and get you feeling like yourself again.

Hot Flush Freedom Challenge

Why You Should Read the Hot Flush Freedom Challenge

  • You just want the hot flushes to stop. You’ve been googling, chatting to your friends and experimenting with a few supplements, but nothing you’ve tried is working. You just want someone else to tell you what to do. You want practical advice you can implement today that’s not going to turn your life upside down.

  • You want to actually sleep through the night without waking up worrying about stuff or constantly needing to pee. You want to wake up each morning feeling refreshed and good about yourself. You want your confidence back. You want to be the woman you know you’re supposed to be—smart, successful, healthy and happy.

  • You want clearer, sharper thinking so you’re not losing your keys, struggling to remember people’s names or forgetting your computer password (again). And you want simple, clear instructions on how to do that.

Five Star Amazon Reviews

“Sheer desperation made me buy this. I’d tried everything else. You read about things transforming people’s lives and you think rubbish. This has got me my life back. I am so grateful.”

“A really practical and easy to follow approach to managing menopause symptoms put together in a 10 day challenge introducing something new each day of the challenge. You can read a day at a time and follow the challenges daily as the book is written in a way that enables that. I am sure this book will be of help to many women of a certain time in life. Would recommend to others.”

“I love how clear and friendly this is. There’s so much practical advice, but it’s all packaged up to seem easy and simple. Breaking it down into a day by day programme is such a great idea, because it takes the decision-making dilemma away from the process.”

“l loved this book – extremely helpful and following Julie’s advice which is helping me. l highly recommend this book to Ladies that need to know that they are not alone.”

“This book really helped me gain control of my symptoms and I started to see an improvement in just 7 days. If you are feeling menopause madness you need to get this book.”

“Julie is a real inspiration for anyone wanting to explore an alternative to HRT when going through the menopause. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the book.”

“Having previously completed the hot flush freedom challenge it was great to read this book. It gives clear practical day by day help on how to control your menopause symptoms through simple lifestyle changes, work out what your triggers are and take control of your life in 10 days. It also includes a section ‘for the boys’ to help them understand what the menopause is all about!! Julie is great and I am happy to recommend this book.”

“This is a great way to work through your menopause challenges by doing a challenge. It really helps to get clear on what is causing your hot flushes and what your triggers are. Lots of great information about your menopause symptoms and lots of great recipes too.”

“I was lucky enough to get a sneak preview of Julie’s book before it was available to buy. What an amazing and informative read. I would highly recommend this and can’t wait to try some of the recipes.”

“Fabulous, easy to read book packed with practical guidance of what you can do to get your menopause symptoms under control and enjoy life – in only 10 days! Recommend this book!”