How to get senior buy in for your menopause training programme

For many of you, promoting an environment where it’s ok to talk about menopause is simply the right thing to do.  Unfortunately, some of your senior colleagues won’t agree or will be more focused on investing in business projects that they deem to have a clearer ROI.  The good [...]


Why you shouldn’t be talking about menopause at work

I talk a lot about why you should be creating positive menopause conversations at work and whilst an increasing number of organisations are getting on board with this, there are a few people in the work environment who are openly resistant.  And this is why: It will make [...]


Menopause at Work Case Study: Sellafield

How did you start the menopause conversation? We began talking about menopause at Sellafield in 2018 as a result of the personal experiences of members of our workforce highlighting the lack of awareness, guidance and support we offered.  We hosted our first workshop the same year.  The feedback was [...]


What are you doing for World Menopause Day?

World Menopause Day is fast approaching and you’re probably in one of these places: Got it sorted. Have a couple of ideas but scrambling to get them in place. Didn’t realise there was a World Menopause Day! – it’s 18th October :) If you picked number 2 or 3?  [...]


How to work through menopause at home

The shift in working trends over the past few months have presented new challenges with regards to working through menopause. For individual workers, it can have some positives – heavy periods are much easier to manage at home. But for others, it’s much harder. Anxiety levels are higher due to isolation, the [...]

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