Do you do an end of year business review? I do. I focus on pre-determined key areas such as Client Results, Visibility, Reputation, ROI, Work/Life balance and score each out of five. Any area that scores less than a three then becomes a focus for improvement next year.

Successes for me in 2022 include:

  • Consistently positive feedback from clients so I’m confident they’re getting great results. Here’s what Health Education England had to say recently: “Julie has a wealth of knowledge and experience but is also so engaging when running the sessions. We have had an overwhelming response that colleagues want to see more of Julie! For me personally, I completely echo that, a real pleasure to work with.”
  • Regular invitations to speak at events, talk on podcasts and requests for my expert input for publications and books such as Joy Burnford’s best seller ‘Don’t fix women’ so I know my reputation is good.
  • Expanding client list which means I’m reaching more people and having more impact so I know that time invested in building relationships, designing customized solutions, smooth onboarding processes and a high standard of delivery is paying dividends.

So when you look back at your menopause training and support this year – what are you celebrating and which areas do you need to focus on next year? Here are a few to consider:

Support – what’s on offer, what’s being utilized and by whom? In other words, are the menopause tools, resources, network and training opportunities you provide well publicized, accessed regularly and meet the needs of all your employees.

Risk Management – how confident are you that your managers know the right language to use, are able to review working conditions and identify reasonable adjustments so that you don’t end up with an employment tribunal in your lap!

Inclusivity – are you using gender neutral or additive language in your menopause policy, guidance documents and comms cascades so that you’re not marginalizing staff working through menopause who don’t identify as female.

ROI – can you demonstrate to your senior leadership team how your menopause training and support programme has reduced business costs, increased employee engagement and improved retention rates?

Work / Life Balance – do you have the time and energy to enjoy life outside of work or like me would you benefit from extra support so your priority projects including your menopause training and support programme provide an even greater return on investment in 2023.

If you’d like to develop and enhance your menopause programme so that you can demonstrate a clear ROI and protect your own work life balance message me today and let’s chat about how my proven strategies could work for you.