Have you mapped out your Menopause Training Programme for 2023?

It’s only a few weeks since World Menopause Day and already the topic is disappearing from the media and our social feeds. But I’m still talking about it – are you?

Menopause is relevant every day of the year and plenty of people, myself included, will still be menopausal tomorrow, next month and next year!

It’s been brilliant to see so much awareness surrounding menopause these past few days, but it’s important to ensure the conversation continues. Here are the six key areas you should be focusing on for a successful menopause training programme in 2023:

1. Assess. Metrics matter. Set up focus groups to gather qualitative feedback on how well supported your staff feel and what support, adjustments and resources they would find valuable.

2. Generate engagement through the sharing of lived experiences. Create a menopause narrative that’s representative of all your employees and extends beyond that of white, midlife cisgender women. Invite input from your BAME, LGBTQ+, Neurodivergent, Disability and Carers networks to create a rich tapestry of employee experiences.

3. Raise Awareness. Invite everyone into the menopause conversation, offer quarterly menopause awareness sessions, open to all employees, and incorporate them into your onboarding process.

4. Offer Support through multiple channels and leverage resources already in place, such as your employee assistance programme, occupational health team and digital GP support.

5. Educate. Train all your managers so they can confidently discuss menopause within legal guidelines and know the right language to use so as not to cause offence and land an employment tribunal in your lap!

6. Evolve. Menopause is here to stay, but the way it’s addressed in the workplace continues to develop. Check the menopause tools, resources, network and training opportunities you’re offering are appropriate for all staff whatever their role, gender or beliefs.

To discuss how your organisation can implement a sustainable menopause training programme helping you to retain top talent, enhance performance and increase your competitive advantage message me today and let’s talk tactics for 2023!