World Menopause Month is here and you’re probably in one of these places:

a) You and your organisation have it sorted and have a got a series of activities planned to create awareness and celebrate menopause throughout October.

b) There are some good ideas floating around but nothing has been formalised, time’s running out and you could do with some help!

If you picked b) don’t worry – I’ve got you covered with five easy to implement ideas to celebrate, raise awareness and generate positive conversations throughout the year:

1. Comms cascade. Send out a group wide communication to all your employees and invite people to participate in focus groups throughout November and December to draw out common themes, challenges and knowledge gaps. You can use the outputs from these conversations to create a strategic menopause roadmap for 2023 that responds directly to employee and business needs.

2. Sharing stories. Set up a stream in Teams or Yammer for sharing stories and start by sharing your own if you’re comfortable doing so. Be sure to curate a rich narrative that’s representative of all your employees and extends beyond that of white, midlife cisgender women.

3. Issue a quick temperature check survey. A few simple questions will quickly help you to gauge awareness levels, identify quick wins and map out your longer term strategy.

4. Organise an informal drop in. A virtual or in person menopause meet up provides the opportunity for people to benefit from shared experiences, swap tips and bring their whole selves to the menopause party!

5. And my personal favourite… grab a copy of my Menopause Power Pack. It’s the perfect resource to support your World Menopause Day celebrations including:

Slide presentation template and notes so that you can deliver a menopause awareness session but don’t have to spend time designing slides and researching a topic you may not be familiar with.

• Suggestions for discussions, quiz questions and fun challenges so that you don’t have to come up with innovative and fresh ideas that will appeal to all your employees not just those experiencing symptoms – I’ve done it for you!

• Guidance on how to start the menopause conversation if you’re a manager so that you can be confident your managers can handle this topic sensitively and within legal guidelines.

• Suggestions for survey questions that you can immediately add into your regular employee engagement survey so you can find out how well-supported people currently feel and highlight any workplace challenges that need to be addressed

Practical strategies for creating a menopause-inclusive working environment you can use to quickly populate your menopause strategy for 2023.

Basically you don’t have to do any of the research or prep because I’ve done it all for you!

If you know your organisation will benefit from positive discussions around menopause in a fun and innovative way, click here to pay now and we’ll get the pack to you within 24 hours so you can relax knowing you’ve got World Menopause Month sorted!