Managing menopause in the workplace can be tricky at the best of times – due to the symptoms themselves and compounded by lack of support and understanding from managers.

Those menopause challenges can be heightened at certain times of year – a prime example being the summer months.

The three BIG challenges of this summer are:

1 Lack of Sleep. It’s a fact that it’s harder to sleep in warmer environments. And you know how difficult it is to be productive after a bad night’s sleep. How difficult it is to think strategically, react calmly, be patient, kind, and the best version of yourself. So imagine what’s it’s like when you already haven’t slept well for six weeks, six months or longer because of menopause and now it’s even more difficult due to the warmer night time temperatures throughout the summer. Are your managers up to speed with the adjustments and accommodations that can be implemented to keep tired employees safe, well and able to work?

2 Hot flushes. Fluctuating oestrogen levels make it harder for the body to regulate temperature resulting in unexpected and sudden rushes of heat. During one of my menopause awareness workshops an attendee experienced a flush and the glasses resting on top of her head steamed up. Can you imagine your body producing that much heat and how distracting and distressing it would be? How your attention would shift from the task at hand to how can you quickly cool down before anyone notices. And those bursts of temperature will increase in intensity and frequency through the summer months as your body reacts to the higher external temperatures.

3 HRT shortage. The current HRT shortage remains unresolved. Many people are finding they’re having to reduce their prescription, change their prescription to a product that doesn’t manage symptoms as well or stop taking HRT completely if a comparative product doesn’t suit them. The result for many is a resurgence of menopause symptoms like brain fog, anxiety, mood swings, joint pain and exhaustion. Do you regularly update your managers with the latest menopause in the workplace news so they’re fully aware of any additional challenges their team maybe facing?

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be time consuming, costly or disruptive to make sure your managers are well placed to support and signpost team members working through menopause so everyone can continue to perform at their best.

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