Menopause champions have a valuable role to play in the workplace and can help ensure your menopause training and awareness programme remains lively, relevant and front of mind for all employees. If you’re creating a menopause champion network here’s what you need to know:

  • Define the menopause champion role and objectives from the outset. They can act as a ‘listening ear’, facilitate menopause meet ups, lead training and signpost support both internally and externally. Menopause champions can also bring fresh ideas to your menopause training programme both from a personal perspective and via their internal network helping to embed menopause as a mainstream conversation through 2022 and beyond.
  • Set boundaries. Menopause champions are typically passionate about their topic and it’s important boundaries are set around accessibility, availability and longevity of the position. Consider allocating ‘protected time’ so your menopause champions have adequate time to focus on the role as well continuing to perform well in their ‘day job’.
  • Be inclusive. Menopause champion groups are far more effective when members are drawn from diverse backgrounds who can consider menopause through an intersectional lens and connect with all employee groups. Whilst it makes sense to have people who have experienced or are experiencing menopause in your champion network it’s important to include partners, managers and younger employees too.
  • You don’t have to call your menopause champions champions! I’ve found that some groups prefer an alternative title. This could be menopause allies, ambassadors, advocates, leads, buddies or something else!
  • Celebrate your menopause champions. Track their success and share their achievements across the business. Say thank you with a bottle of prosecco or an extra days holiday – their efforts are helping to promote a positive and equitable environment that sets you apart as a great place to work.

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