The Menopause Inclusion Framework is designed to provide employers with guidance on menopause and the workplace. Its aim is to support organisations committed to creating positive behaviours and conversations around menopause in the workplace so that you set yourself apart as an employer of choice who supports staff through all life and career stages.


Engage with your stakeholders from the outset so you continually deliver what’s relevant and necessary and everyone gets a great learning experience. Don’t underestimate the power of personal stories when it comes to generating engagement – a blog or vlog can quickly create animated inclusive conversations.

  • Do you hold regular focus groups to draw out challenges, knowledge gaps and success stories?
  • Do you leverage awareness campaigns such as World Menopause Day or National Inclusion week to create positive learning opportunities for all employees?


Invite everyone into the menopause conversation and tailor your menopause initiative to support all your employee needs across all the identities, intersections and intercultural groups in your organisation to enhance a sense of both inclusion and belonging.

  • Are the menopause tools, resources, network and training opportunities you’re offering appropriate for all staff whatever their role, gender or beliefs?
  • Is your menopause initiative aligned with your company strategy, policies and values? When the business case is meaningful to your industry, organisation and people the business benefits will be more impactful too.


Promote an equitable environment and provide accessible support for all employee groups – not just those experiencing symptoms but for colleagues, family and friends too.

  • Are you providing psychologically safe environments where it’s ok to talk about menopause if you want to and everybody’s voice can be heard?
  • Is there a dedicated menopause resource section on your intranet including a well-publicised menopause policy or guidance document?


Educate your managers, leaders, HR and OH teams. They should be up to speed with the business case, able to meet legal requirements and consider reasonable adjustments so that everyone can continue to work to the best of their ability.

  • Are your managers and team leaders required to complete annual menopause refresher training?
  • Do risk assessments incorporate specific menopause symptoms that can be impacted by PPE gear, lack of access to bathrooms and limited protected time?


Set achievable targets and measure from the outset to track success and identify areas for improvement so you can present a clear return on investment to ensure senior buy in for menopause awareness through 2021 and beyond.

  • Are questions relating to menopause included in your employee engagement surveys?
  • Is menopause classified as a long term health condition for the purposes of your absence management policy?


This isn’t a one off nice to have tick box initiative –it’s business critical and should therefore be treated as a long term initiative that’s embedded in both your wellbeing and inclusion strategy.

  • Do you have visible and active senior sponsorship for your menopause initiative?
  • Is menopause a consideration in your return to work planning and conversations

And finally…

To discuss how best to implement your employers guidance on menopause in the workplace and demonstrate your commitment to making menopause a mainstream topic helping you to retain top talent, enhance performance and increase your competitive advantage please email