For many of you, promoting an environment where it’s ok to talk about menopause is simply the right thing to do. Unfortunately, some of your senior colleagues won’t agree or will be more focused on investing in business projects that they deem to have a clearer ROI. The good news is that whilst not everyone will see menopause training as a business critical issue right now… there are strong reasons that it MUST form part of your core business strategy in 2021:

RISK – we’ve seen notable cases where women have been performance managed out of organisations as a result of menopause and then successfully won tribunal cases for substantial sums. Imagine what could happen if menopause isn’t a mainstream training topic in your company and a legal case is suddenly dropped in your lap. No-one wants that – and training for managers will help to significantly mitigate that risk.

REVENUE – with more women in the workplace than ever before, implementing a menopause support and awareness programme is an investment in future generations, plus organisations who have more women at the top perform better financially. If your organisation increased retention among female staff, not only would you increase your knowledge base and bottom line – you’d increase diversity at senior levels too.

REPUTATION – when you embed menopause as a mainstream topic you generate engagement, improve gender parity and ensure that you stand out as an employer of choice where both your current and future talent can thrive. Aster Group found this when they committed to a menopause awareness programme and were recognised by the UK & European Employment Engagement Awards as a finalist in the Employee Wellbeing category, alongside the likes of Visa, RBS and the NHS

If you’re looking for a menopause training programme that not only helps your employees enhance their wellbeing and performance but also gives you the tools and strategies to ensure senior buy in from the outset contact and LET’S TALK TACTICS.