You hear a lot about the physical symptoms of menopause – the hot flushes, night sweats, disrupted sleep etc but what about the psychological impact.

The anxiety in social situations and the stress and worry at work can be just as distressing don’t you think?

Especially the brain fog making it difficult for you to make decisions quickly, concentrate for long periods or even remember peoples names.

It’s scary isn’t it. Scary enough for some women to worry they’re experiencing early onset dementia.

In truth it’s much more likely to be brain fog brought on by changing hormone levels.

The good news is it doesn’t have to be that way. You really can improve your memory and sharpen up your thinking.

But you’ve got to be willing to make some changes.

If you don’t, nothing will change and you’ll continue to feel rubbish

So here’s 2 things you can start doing today to break through the brain fog:

Just say no!

You simply can’t do everything so learn to say no at work and at home. Multitasking is not the answer. We women like to think we’re brilliant at multi tasking but the reality is quite different. You may once have been able to send an email while talking on the phone about a completely unrelated matter but you can’t anymore so stop trying.

Focus on one thing at time. If someone is telling you their name then listen to them not to the voice in your head that’s telling you you’ll never remember what they’re saying!

Eat fat!

Your brain is around 60% fat so eating enough of the right fats is crucial if you want to sharpen up your thinking. Low fat foods will you leave you tired and hungry and are to be avoided at all costs especially if you’re trying to lose weight.

Good fats include:

  • Coconut flakes and almonds
  • Olives
  • Oily fish eg sardines or mackerel
  • Eggs
  • Nut butters on oatcake

Believe me when I tell you that you really can get your shit together again but in order to do that you’ve got to be willing to make some changes.