You know what it’s like when you start on a health kick. Initially you’re full of enthusiasm and excitement, convinced that this time you’ll get what you want. Your hot flushes will stop, your sleep will improve, that weight from around your middle will go.

And yet within a couple of weeks or even a matter of days, your enthusiasm wanes and you’re headfirst in the biscuits, gin or magnums – whatever your thing is.

Striving for perfection when it comes to eating, exercising or thinking in the “right way” rarely makes you feel perfect. It’s more likely to leave you feeling inadequate and guilty when you fail to be perfect.

Well guess what… It’s ok to not be perfect and to indulge yourself.

Yep you read that right. It’s okay to go off plan even if you’ve only been on it for a few days!

  • You’re only human – we all go off plan. A small percentage of folks out there are super disciplined but most of us aren’t or certainly not for long periods of time. Stuff happens and life gets in the way of your best intentions.
  • If you enjoyed your indulgence whatever it was and however long it lasted well great. Life’s all about having fun so don’t waste a second feeling guilty.
  • If you didn’t enjoy it that’s great too. If your eating or drinking choices made your menopause symptoms worse it’s a good reminder of what you body can or can’t handle.

How to get back on it

If you’re off plan and careering towards a hot, fat sweaty summer all is not lost. Here’s what can you do to get back on it:

  • Remember you are only every one meal or one workout from getting back on track.
  • Create a plan to get back on plan! Don’t try to change too much at once. Choose one thing at a time to focus on whether that’s cutting back on caffeine, or alcohol or introducing some relaxation techniques.
  • Write down a list of at least 10 answers to the following statement: “I will get back on track and stick to my plan because…..” Don’t put your plan into action until you’ve got your 10 answers

So give yourself a break and don’t aim for perfection 100% of the time.