Is your menopausal skin reacting worse than your teenage skin used to?

Are you experiencing random spot breakouts or rogue hairs. Is it dry, itchy or red in patches?

There are 4 key areas of influence when it comes to taking care of your skin:

  • Hormones
  • Eating & Drinking
  • Environment & Toxins
  • Lifestyle


Your hormones are most likely all over the place if you’re careering towards menopause and that’s going to have an impact on your skin health. Oestrogen is a moisture giving hormone so as levels drop you skin gets drier.

Oestrogen also used to keep testosterone in check. Yep your read that right it’s not just guys who produce testosterone – you do too! In fact it’s crucial for your sex drive among other things. However testosterone dominance or if you become testosterone sensitive can result in those random witchy hairs.

Environment & Toxins

You can’t avoid air pollution especially if you live or work in a big city so be sure to clean all the grime off your face each evening. And most importantly clean up with clean products.

Check the ingredient list on your make up and other beauty products. Avoid lotions and shampoos that contain sulphates as they’re very drying and will actually make your itchiness worse.

Food & Drink

There’s a very strong link between your gut health and your skin health. What’s going on in the inside is often reflected on the outside.

Pasteurized dairy can cause gut inflammation so reduce your dairy intake to help clear up your skin.

Zinc deficiency has been linked to poor skin so eat more zinc rich foods like seafood, almonds and pumpkin seeds.

Swap vegetable oils for coconut oil which has anti bacterial properties and will work wonders on your skin


Stress will always show up on your face so learn to manage the stress in your life by taking time out just for you each day.

Five minutes of quiet, calm reflection each day can help to reduce production of your main stress hormone cortisol.

Can you carve out just 5 minutes each day to breathe and relax?