There’s been a lot of talk about menopause in the press these past few days. Great, right? Wrong!

Once again it’s all about how menopause is a taboo topic. A dreadful disease that us poor middle aged women have to suffer through in silence. How lucky for us then that the drug companies are working so hard to come up with a cure!

Come on people this is the 21st century!

Is medication really the only answer to calm us hysterical, sweaty, 40 and 50 somethings.

No it’s bloody not!

They talked about menopause on the Jeremy Vine show last week and yet only discussed HRT and anti-depressants as an option for managing symptoms.

The Telegraph and the Daily Mail were all excited about a miracle drug that’s in development. This drug promises to put an end to hot flushes. None of your other symptoms by the way – just your hot flushes.

And just so you know this new miracle drug includes a compound traditionally used for the treatment of schizophrenia!

Is that we’re at now? Menopause regarded as a serious mental health issue?

Come on people, menopause isn’t a disease either physical or mental!

Yes, menopause can have both physical and mental symptoms. But it’s still a natural phase of your female lifecycle just like puberty and pregnancy.

Do we as a rule medicate young girls to get them through puberty. No!

Do women typically medicate to get through pregnancy. No!

So why the insistence on medicating us through menopause?

Medication is designed to alter your normal body chemistry and can cause a range of side effects. All drugs are made from synthetic chemicals which otherwise wouldn’t be present in your body. Sure, if you’re unwell take the appropriate medication but menopause isn’t an illness!

Believe me I know through personal experience how debilitating signs of menopause can be. The hot flushes, the lack of sleep, poor concentration, night sweats, anxiety, mood swings – the list goes on. You really can feel like you’re losing your mind.

And every single one of us women will experience menopause symptoms to a varying degree.

Well what a great money maker for the drug companies right?

If they can persuade us the only way to navigate our menopause years is to drug ourselves they’ve got a never ending supply of customers!

But here’s the thing. Did you know simple changes to eating, lifestyle choices and the way in which you exercise can be just as effective?

I know this because as a Menopause Coach it’s how I manage my symptoms and it’s how I work with my clients too.

Its vital women get access to expert balanced advice so we can all then make an informed choice as to how to manage our symptoms.

And do you know what if your choice is medicate, then fine that’s your choice. But it should be an informed choice taken only after you’ve looked at all the options.

And let’s not forget that leading a healthier lifestyle won’t just calm your menopause symptoms without the need to medicate. It will also drastically reduce your risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes.

What do you think? Given the choice between medication and lifestyle changes to manage your symptoms which way will you go?

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