Are you fired up, totally focused and smashing through your 2016 goals?

Or are you already experiencing a wobble and slipping back into old habits.

If you’ve indulged as much as most British women, me included, over the Christmas period, you’re probably feeling guilty, grumpy and dismayed by how quickly the weight has piled on.

Most people put on a couple of pounds over the holiday season but if you’re a woman of a certain age it will go on even faster and it will mostly be sitting uncomfortably around your middle.

Menopause weight gain is very specific and it’s also very stubborn to shift.

So what shouldn’t you do if you want to shift that weight?

Don’t diet!

Don’t diet, don’t detox, don’t juice, don’t drastically reduce calories and don’t ditch a whole food group.

Stay well clear of all those miracle programmes promising amazing results in 28, 14 or even 10 days.

They’re simply not going to work for you. Hormonal changes are already putting your body under stress and drastic changes to your eating will stress out your body more and cause it to hold onto your fat even tighter.

So what should you do if you want to shift that weight?

Here are three quick and easy ways that will definitely get you amazing results.

  • Get real. There is no magic pill when it comes to healthy weight loss especially if you’re a woman of a certain age! Don’t invest in a programme you don’t understand just because it promises incredible results. Knowing how your plan works and if it will address your unique hormone imbalance is crucial to your success.
  • Go public. Tell your friends, family and close work colleagues what you’re trying to achieve so they can support you. If your mate always gets the cake out when you’re visiting tell her about your eating plans for 2016 before you visit so the cake’s not sitting on the table waiting for you on arrival.
  • Get help. Yes you can try to sort through the minefield of conflicting and confusing advice out there yourself but you’ll quickly waste a heap of money and time and still not get the results you want. Think how much easier it will be if you have access to expert help. Someone who already knows exactly what you need to eat and how you should exercise to beat that menopause weight gain and relieve your other symptoms too.

Above all remember your hormone health has an enormous impact on your energy levels, clarity of thinking and productivity. Shifting that menopause weight gain isn’t just about fitting comfortably into your clothes again – it will keep your business and career on track too.

If you’re serious about investing in yourself this year and want to know whether working with me is the right choice for you don’t waste another moment; contact me now and let’s get started!