Ok time for a reality check. By now most of you will have cast aside any concerns about your waistline and be knee deep in Quality Street, Twiglets, Baileys or whatever your Christmas thing is.

Now in my view it’s good to go off plan occasionally.

The trick of course is not to go totally AWOL so that come January there’s a whole heap of angst and pain associated with getting back on track.

So my top tips for thriving through the festive season and beyond:

Drink water! I know, hardly groundbreaking advice but a glass of water alongside each alcoholic drink makes a huge difference to how you feel the next day. I refused to do this for many years because I thought it would take the fun out of drinking. Well I can assure you it doesn’t – it simply takes the pain out of the following day.

Carry Hair ties! What? This advice is strictly for you ladies of a certain age. You may currently have your signs of menopause under control but there’s no doubt that as soon as you imbibe in some Christmas treats your hot flushes will return with a vengeance. So have some hair ties on hand so as soon as you feel that ball of heat building from within you can quickly get your hair off your neck for some immediate relief.

Set your intentions! Make a pact with yourself as to what you’re going to eat and drink on your big nights out and commit to it. Set your intentions before you go out – say them out loud in front of the mirror. Your eating and drinking choices over the next couple of weeks are just that – your choices. So make a choice and stick to it.

Accept the consequences! Know that if you choose to go off piste with your eating and drinking there will be consequences! Your sleep won’t be so good, your night sweats will return and your waistline will almost certainly thicken. But if as far as you’re concerned the fun you’re having outweighs the consequences relax and enjoy.

Not guilty! When you do go off plan, and you will, you’re only human after all, don’t waste a minute feeling guilty. You’re only ever one meal or one workout away from getting back on track. Just hit your personal reset button and get back on it!

Bonus tip! Why not get ahead of the game and set your intentions for January now. I’m not talking about goals or resolutions. What you need is an easy to follow step by step plan to launch you into fast, inspired action in 2016.

Book in for a Smart Start Managing Menopause chat with me so that you can happily kick back your heels in December knowing that January is taken care of.

You’ll know exactly what to do get you out of those bad habits fast. You’ll quickly be eating smart, bursting with energy and shaking off that menopause weight gain.

Don’t think about it – just do it! BOOK HERE!