So Mindset. This is such a big part of your success when it comes to healthy weight loss. It doesn’t matter how appealing an eating plan I design for you; if your head’s not in the right space you’re not going to follow any of my advice anyway! And just to get one thing clear straight away it’s not about willpower!

Whether you’ve always struggled with your weight or you’ve recently found yourself battling menopause weight gain the answer is about so much more than what you eat or the way in which you exercise. Your subconscious mind really can affect your results and sabotage your success without you even realizing it.

One of the tools my lovely VIP clients use to help keep them on track is a positivity diary. What’s that? It simply means keeping a diary that recalls the positive actions you’ve taken each day in regards to your health. You then have an excellent and easily accessible resource to use as an instant pick me up for the times when you’re not feeling so great. You know those days when you feel like you’re not seeing results as quickly as you’d hoped or you’re beating yourself up over a missed workout session or a cheeky gin and tonic. A quick flick through your positivity diary will lift you and get you back on track.

How does it work? Each day aim to recall three really good choices you’ve made even if that’s just eating one biscuit when you could have finished off the whole packet; or drinking one glass of wine when you could have polished off the bottle! It still shows progress towards your gorgeous goals.

On the days when it all seems like too much effort and maybe you have eaten all of the biscuits, look back at all the positive choices you’ve made to date. It will remind you that today’s just a blip, you’ll see how well you’re doing overall and that you can succeed in reaching your healthy weight loss goals.

Treat yourself to a beautiful journal to keep track of your choices or type them straight into your phone, tablet or computer.

The really important point to remember is that you have to make time for mindset work if you want to achieve better results, stay on track and resist the pull of old habits. Write entries in your positivity diary each and every day so that you build page after page of compelling evidence to prove that the effort and potential discomfort of resisting temptation will be worthwhile.

When you do this and it becomes second nature, I’m telling you things just start to shift in your life that you didn’t think were possible. Working on your mindset is just as important as the food you eat and the exercise you do, if not more so.

Let me know you’re going to step into action and start your positivity journal today by hitting that share button.