Are you tired most of the time and still struggling to shift those stubborn pounds? Does it all seem like too much effort to meal plan and make the right choices?

Well you don’t have to this week because I’ve done it for you.

Three simple guidelines to kickstart your weight loss and give you buckets of energy

Follow these three simple guidelines and watch those pounds melt away:

  1. Start each day with a good source of protein. It fills you up and balances your blood sugars so that’ll you have buckets of energy throughout the morning radically reducing the need to snack.
  1. Eat a protein based lunch plus lots and lots of green veg. It will keep you full and your blood sugar constant throughout the afternoon so you’re much less likely to experience that mid afternoon slump.
  1. Keep carbohydrate portions low at dinner and always choose wholemeal. White rice or white pasta creates hormone imbalance and inevitably leads to weight gain.

Three day meal plan for healthy weight loss and endless energy

Day 1

B: Scrambled eggs with tomatoes

L: Ham salad with a rainbow selection of raw veg

E: Roast Chicken breast, steamed greens and sweet potato mash

Snacks: Olives, blueberries and strawberries

Day 2

B: Greek yoghurt with chopped nuts, seeds and black grapes

L: Green salad with feta, beetroot and falafel

E: Chili con carne with quinoa and guacamole side

Snacks: Green apple, handful of brazil nuts, blueberries

Day 3

B: Fruit and nut bowl with greek yoghurt

L: Beetroot and mozarella mixed green salad

E: Lemon baked fish with steamed green seasonal vegetables baked sweet potato

Snacks: Chicken breast, veggie sticks and hummus, strawberries

Healthy weight loss doesn’t have to be difficult and feeling tired most of the time doesn’t have to be the norm.

What’s your favourite meal from the selection above?