How many successes have you had this week? How many feats however small have you accomplished? And how many things have gone wrong, what difficulties have you encountered this week? If you’re anything like me I’m guessing it’s a lot easier for you to recall the moments where things haven’t gone quite to plan than it is to bring to mind the triumphs of the week.

The final smart step in this business success series is to Celebrate Your Success. Most of you will have various goals, aspirations and dreams for healthy weight loss, for your career and in your personal life. But what will you do when you achieve each one? Cross it off the list and move on to the next thing? When was the last time you paused and celebrated a success?

Why you should celebrate your success

It’s very common to assess your current success on how far away you are from your next perceived level of success. But if you’re always chasing something that’s just out of reach it can feel like you’re not getting anywhere. If you pause and look back you’ll see quite a different picture. I do this regularly with my clients.

Tracy’s striving to fit comfortably into a pair of size 12 trousers. She’s not quite there yet, so it feels like she’s not making the healthy weight loss progress she wants. However, when she looked back she realized that having reduced her caffeine intake from five or six cups a day to one cup a day, she was now sleeping through the night. The reduction in caffeine and better quality sleep means her cortisol levels are dropping and her hormone imbalance is correcting. Her energy levels have increased and she’s no longer experiencing that afternoon energy crash at work. Oh and the size 12 trousers might not yet be comfortable but the size 14 are loose and at the start of the VIP Smart Weight Loss and Vitality Programme she wasn’t even able to do them up. All of those things are clear indicators of progress towards her goal but by focusing only on the one piece she hadn’t achieved Tracy was unable to see how far she’d come and the successes she’s achieved along the way.

How to celebrate your successes

Keeping a diary that recalls all the positive actions you’ve taken each day is an excellent resource for those days when you’re not feeling so great. Each day aim to recall three really good choices you’ve made, even if it’s having only one biscuit rather than four! It still shows progress towards your goal. On days when it all seems like really hard work, look back at all the positive choices you’ve made to remind yourself how well you’re doing and that you can succeed.

If you write down your positives last thing at night you’ll go to bed feeling like a success and you’ll wake up feeling like that too.

In our non stop 24/7 world it’s so easy to continually focus on the next task or goal and completely miss your achievements. No matter how small the steps they are all leading to success and success should be celebrated. Once you start looking for and celebrating success you’ll see more of it and experience amazing results. What have you achieved already today?