How often do you drag yourself into the office on a Monday morning already counting down the days to the weekend? Wouldn’t you rather start each week feeling refreshed and ready to deal with any challenges the day brings rather than wishing your life away? Wouldn’t you love to be awake and alert mid afternoon rather than relying on caffeine to keep you conscious? Imagine how different your working life would be if you could ramp up your energy levels, productivity and promotion prospects with just a few smart steps.

If you’re serious about succeeding in business you need to get serious about your health and wellness. I know that’s not easy. There’s an array of confusing advice and miracle products out there all promising boundless energy, a bikini body and eternal youth. There’s low carb, low fat, detoxing, meal replacements, juicing, superfoods, and various weight loss clubs. There’s running groups, gyms, personal trainers, boot camps and all manner of exercise classes available. Where on earth do you start?

My background is actually in data analysis and reporting so I’m very good at taking vast amounts of complex information and consolidating and presenting it in delicious bite size chunks. So where do you begin when you’re trying to get a handle on your health and wellbeing? You begin with sound process just like you do in business. I like to call it an expert solution system and mine has seven smart steps. Over the next few weeks I’m going to walk you through each step so you’ll soon know precisely what to do to ramp up your body confidence, energy levels and productivity.

Kickstart and take control

Before you even start looking at what you eat or the way in which you exercise you need to set yourself some gorgeous goals and fabulous targets. What do I meant by that? You need to get clear on exactly what it is you’re trying to achieve – just like you do in business.

If you’re running your own business you’ll have a business plan, marketing strategy and targets. You know exactly where you want your business to be in 6 months and 12 months and most of you probably have a 5 year and 10 year vision too. If you work in a company, whether you’re managing a large team or working in a support role, you’ll have specific business and financial targets, projects to manage and a strategies in place for achieving them. Well you need to manage your health in exactly the same way. Think of yourself as a project, get specific on the outcomes you want and put the systems in place to ensure you achieve them. You need to get organized! You wouldn’t set up a meeting without being clear on the timings, agenda and required output so don’t go food shopping without a list or any clear idea on what you’re going to eat that week!

If your priority is maintaining energy levels throughout the day hormone balance is key and you need to focus on managing your insulin levels. That means cutting back on sugar and caffeine and consuming more protein and good fat. Meal plan a few days in advance, create a shopping list from your meal plan and then go to the supermarket.

So there you have it, step 1 to ramping up your energy levels, productivity and wellbeing is to set clear cut goals. Then you need to put the systems in place to make sure you achieve them. What are your personal health targets for the next six months? Is it healthy weight loss, increased energy or maybe managing signs of menopause? What are the systems you’re going to put in place to make sure you achieve them? If you’d like to talk it through message me.