If healthy weight loss is your goal for 2015 your approach should be very different to that from say 20 years ago. Dieting and calorie counting are now dirty words and detoxing and cleansing programmes are widely promoted. But why cleanse, why not just clean up your eating?

Are you a toxic waste dump?

Yes – you are a toxic waste dump! Modern life exposes us to a wide array of toxins, chemicals and pollutants – some made by the body but mainly from our environment.

These toxins take the form of chemicals, pesticides and hormones in the food and water you consume, the air you breathe and the household and personal care products that you use. Poor food choices such as bad fats, salt, caffeine and alcohol all act to compound this toxic overload.

Your personal detox system

Your body actually has it’s own personal detox system. Your cells, blood, gut, liver and kidneys all work hard to transport and eliminate toxic waste.

Even your fat is protecting you as toxins like to sit in the fatty membrane around your cells. But, that makes it extremely difficult to get good stuff in and almost impossible to get bad stuff out. This leads to all sorts of complications including hormone imbalance, insulin resistance and weight gain.

So your fat actually protects you by stopping those toxins from circulating around your body and causing even more damage. However, that creates an issue if you’re trying to lose weight as your body does its best to retain those fat cells and avoid processing the stored toxins.

Boost your personal detox

If you want to get rid of body fat you should encourage your body to do so through cleansing. That’s the only way you’re going to get those toxins out and allow that body fat to be used efficiently for energy.

The toxic environment we live in today means that you need to boost your personal detox system to make it more efficient. So for healthy weight loss start with a cleanse. You can do that by taking in some carefully selected herbs. And this should be done alongside a balanced, healthy diet with no fasting, meal replacement or starvation!

Cleansing is actually quite a stressful process for the body so it’s important not to stress the body further by cutting out food. Your focus should be on nutrition, hormone balance and reducing toxins – the key elements for long term healthy weight loss. Done sensibly the benefits of cleansing are numerous including more energy, improved skin condition, hormone balance and of course fat reduction.

If you’d like to chat with me about how cleansing could benefit you and kickstart your weight loss click here and share a little more about what you’re trying to achieve.