Menopause is a natural phase in a woman’s life and the symptoms can be treated naturally too. You really can eradicate hot flushes, irritability and weight gain through natural solutions. HRT is by no means the only option.

The starting point is to get your liver working efficiently and then introduce a number of easy to follow steps that will really help to reduce those key signs of menopause.

Five natural solutions to achieving a healthy and natural menopause

  1. Cleanse the system to support your liver and eradicate toxicity from your body. Essentially you’re wiping the slate clean. The benefits are numerous including more energy, improved skin condition and better hormone balance. A healthy liver is key to reducing your signs of menopause.
  1. Right type of food. Do you want to shift that stubborn menopause weight gain? The way to do that is to avoid carbohydrate based foods and focus more on proteins and good fats. Carbohydrate is a sugar and will result in a release of insulin and too much insulin in the blood stream is very counterproductive for menopausal women. It actually works closely with your stress hormone cortisol to fix fat in the cells around your mid-section.
  1. Avoid caffeine. Did you know that caffeine consumption can make your hot flushes worse? Caffeine is a stimulant that will put your system under a lot of stress and trigger a cortisol release. During menopause your body is already struggling with the change in hormone balance, so it is already under a great deal of stress. Adding caffeine to the mix will just make the stress worse! If you want to reduce your hot flushes think about reducing coffee, tea and sweet sugary drinks that also have caffeine added. Many popular vitamin drinks also contain caffeine and could be aggravating your symptoms.
  1. Add in key nutritional boosters: Take a good quality multi vitamin and mineral supplement to ensure that your glandular system is well nourished. Use Omega 3 fish oils (they must not contain pollutants as this will negate their effect) to create prostaglandins which are the building blocks for your hormones. Without enough prostaglandins in your system hormone imbalance is inevitable.
  1. Right type of exercise: Did you know that long slow cardio is not good for helping combat your menopause symptoms? It is a type of stress on the body and will exacerbate further the stress your body is already under. If you’re battling menopause weight gain and think doing more exercise is the answer then please think again! The thing with menopause is that less is more. Less long slow cardio and more higher intensity body weight and resistance exercises is the solution to menopause weight gain.

If you follow these simple solutions, hormone imbalance and signs of menopause will significantly reduce. You’ll feel re energized, full of vitality and be loving life again!