So many of you are fired up at this time of year and have big plans for weight loss, exercise and optimum health. Well, that’s fantastic but how are you going to do that? Eat less? Exercise more? Get motivated?

The unfortunate truth is that many of you will have fallen off the wagon by this time next week. And that’s not because of lack of will power or laziness. It’s simply because you failed to prepare. If you want to succeed in weight loss you need to be organized and you need to prepare. These are my top weight loss tips for success:

  • Choose a weight loss programme suited to your gorgeous goals and lifestyle. Do not invest in a weight loss programme that you don’t understand just because it promises amazing results. Knowing how your plan works and if it will suit your lifestyle is crucial to your success. If it’s important to you to eat a meal with your family each night make sure your weight loss programme allows for that.
  • Write down specific weight loss goals. What dress size do you want to be and by what date? Do you want to be a 16, 14 or 12? And is that in one month, two or three? Or maybe you want to be a particular size for a particular event. Close your eyes and imagine how you will look at that event, what you’ll be wearing, how you’ll feel and what people will be saying to you. Close your eyes and visualise the new you every morning.
  • Write a shopping list and keep stocked up on all the foods you need. Do not buy the foods you don’t need or you will eat them! If you do like to have treats in your home for other family members keep them in a separate cupboard or drawer that you don’t use.
  • Plan a couple of hours out of your week to batch cook and freeze healthy meals. This means next time you are running late or have a busy day you have healthy options to choose from rather than unhealthy quick fix meals or reaching for the take away menu. Why not bin those take away menus?
  • If you’ve got a big night out think ahead as to how that will fit into your weight loss programme. Will you have a night off and eat and drink whatever you feel like or will you stick strictly to your plan. Just make the decision before you get there.
  • Always schedule your exercise sessions in your diary. Whether it’s a brisk walk or a hardcore workout if it’s in your calendar you’ll be much less likely to skip it.

Finally tell everyone! Let your friends and family know what you are trying to achieve so that they can support you. If you normally meet your best friend for a coffee and cake let her know what you’re doing before you meet so the cake’s not sitting on the table waiting for you.

If you’ve yet to work out your weight loss plan for 2015 apply for a Smart Start to a Slimmer You consultation and make sure this is the year you get the body shape you desire.