For many of you now is the time when you’re most likely to put any concerns about weight loss and your waistline to one side and dive headfirst into the quality street, marmite cashews or Baileys. In my view it’s good to go off the rails occasionally – there’s nothing wrong with a little of what you fancy. The trick of course is not to go totally AWOL.

Read on for some some simple guidelines to ensure you enjoy yourself but don’t stray too far off track.

  1. Plan head! Decide what you’re going to eat before you go out. Most restaurants these days have websites and menus online. Make an informed choice at home rather than letting the pressure of ordering on the spot result in you making a bad choice.
  1. Drink water! I know, hardly groundbreaking advice but drinking water inbetween alcoholic drinks makes a tremendous difference to how you feel the next day. And don’t just wait until you start drinking alcohol to start drinking water. Sip it throughout the day so that you’re fully hydrated at the start of the evening.
  1. Be prepared! If you know you’re not going to eat whilst you’re out have a prepared snack in your bag for the journey home. At this time of year, make it something special like dark chocolate covered brazil nuts so you’re less likely to be tempted by fast food.
  1. Move! If you’ve ignored all the above advice and wake up hungover and toxic resist the urge to spend the day on the sofa. Go out for a walk or just have a quick dance around the room to your favourite tune. Movement and exercise will elevate your mood and energy levels and help to chase that hangover away.
  1. Don’t waste time feeling guilty! If you over indulge on one or even several occasions don’t waste a moment feeling guilty. You’re only ever one meal or one workout away from getting back on track.

Put some damage limitation methods in place now and avoid waking up in 2015 feeling miserable, sluggish and bulging at the seams.

Imagine how good it will be to burst into the New Year feeling confident, energized and only a little thicker around the middle!

If you’d like a personalised damage limitation plan to take you into 2015 apply for a Smart Start to a Slimmer You consultation. You can tell me what challenges you face over the holiday season and I’ll give you some immediate advice on how to deal with them.