Bingo wings, bat wings, dinner lady arms, sugar gliders… are your upper arms bothering you? Did you know that if you tend to store fat on the back of your arms that indicates your insulin levels are too high?

The key role of the hormone insulin is to remove excess sugar from the blood stream. Excess sugar is stored in your muscles and liver but also as fat within your body. If your insulin levels are too high or you are insulin sensitive your body will store fat predominantly on the back of your arms, your back and your waist. Weight loss from these areas will be very hard if your insulin imbalance is not corrected.

How to balance your insulin levels and banish those bingo wings:

  • Reduce the amount of carbohydrates, processed foods and sweets you eat as their high sugar content will result in more insulin being released.
  • Use high intensity interval training (HIIT) to help create hormone balance and promote an overall fat burning environment within the body.
  • Include compound exercises in your HIIT routine for a faster fat burn. A compound exercise is simply any exercise where the body engages several muscles or muscle groups at once eg jumping jacks, squats or running on the spot.
  • Sprinkle some light resistance exercises into your workout to directly target your bingo wings and your triceps, the muscle group at the back of your upper arms!

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